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[dm-devel] [ANNOUNCE] multipath-tools-0.3.4


here goes multipath-tools-0.3.4

Many structural change, consequences of the Suse review.
Highlights are :

	* glibc compilation, uses system libraries where possible
	* multipath & multipathd now use the same path checkers.
	  Consequence being multipath now need sg loaded
	* checkers now can return more than UP or DOWN and they take
	  2 more arguments :
		* msg : to let the checker pass log mesg to the core
		* context : a persistent data store the checkers can
		  use at discretion
	* multipath pgpolicies rework : I broke the group_by_serial
	  LUN balancing. This is volontary : I'd like someone affected
	  to come up with a callout binary to do the balancing based on
	  the priority framework.

Full ChangeLog for the release :

	* [multipathd] exec multipath precisely : pass in the path
	  or the devmap to update. No more full reconfiguration, and
	  really use the reinstate feature of multipath.
	* [multipathd] check all paths, not only failed ones. Path
	  checker now trigger on state change (formerly triggred on
	  state == UP condition)
	* [multipathd] incremental updatepaths() instead of scrap /
	  refresh all logic.
	* [multipathd] path checkers now take *msg and *context
	  params. consensus w/ lmb at suse. tur.c modified as example
	* [multipath] assemble maps in PG vector descending order to
	  fit the layered policies design
	* [multipath] stop playing with strings in pgpolicies, as it
	  uses more memory and looses info for no gain
	* [multipath] remove lk2.4 scsi ioctl scsi_type remnant
	* [multipath] layered pgpolicies : (see pgpolicies.c)
		* group_by_status
		* group_by_serial | multibus | failover | group_by_prio
		* sort_pg_by_summed_prio
	  thus remove duplicated failedpath logic in pgpolicies
	* [checkers] framework for arbitrate checkers return values
	* [multipathd] scrap yet another reinvented wheel in the 
	  name of the LOG macro :  learn the existance of setloglevel
	  and LOG_UPTO macro
	* glibc make with "make BUILD=glibc", asked by lmb at suse

As usual, doc and download at :

christophe varoqui <christophe varoqui free fr>

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