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[dm-devel] Re: [Storage_sig] LVM and multipath ?

> > I tried multipath tools. I get Segfault with "multipath -v 2".
> > Any ideas ? I am using multipath tools version 0.3.4. I added
> > DEBUG=3 to makefile.
> >
> In 0.3.4 the multipath/main.c file near line 1382 I hit the same Segfault
> as mpp->alias was not set in my case I assume you may be hitting the same
> problem. The previous version of the multipath tools called setup_map
> directly as is done a few lines down from the code at line 1382. If one
> removes the mpp->alias from the if check it runs (at least for me it did).
> Christophe will need to comment on the correct fix.
I included the following fix to 0.3.5 :

                if ((mpp->alias &&
                    0 == strncmp(mpp->alias, conf->dev, FILE_NAME_SIZE)) ||
                    0 == strncmp(mpp->wwid, conf->dev, FILE_NAME_SIZE)) {
                        setup_map(pathvec, mpp);
                        goto out;

also note that the path grouping policies in 0.3.4 is busted.
it is fixed in 0.3.5, but in the mean time you can comment out the call to
sort_pg_by_summed_prio() in main.c


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