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[dm-devel] 2.6.10-rc1-udm1: multipath work in progress

Multipath work in progress, containing bugs, known and unknown.
Patches 38 onwards haven't been tidied.

Some of the interfaces have changed a bit, so it's incompatible with 
existing userspace multipath tools: the feeling was it isn't worth updating 
them until we've made up our minds on the interface changes.

So what else ought to be changed before freezing the interfaces?
[One change I intend to make is  struct path  to  void  in dm-hw-handler.h
and dm-path-selector.h]
I'm not convinced of the need for a per-path initialisation function yet.
But a table load flag to suppress the device size checks does sound OK.

New table example:
  0 96000 multipath 
  1 queue_if_no_path 0 1 round-robin 2 1 7:1 1 7:2 1

 * <num multipath feature args> [<arg>]*
 * <num hw_handler args> [hw_handler [<arg>]*]
 * <num priority groups> [<selector> <num paths> <num selector args>
 *                        [<path> [<arg>]* ]+ ]+

We can extend 'feature args' if necessary and retain backwards compatibility.
Currently must have "0"  or "1 queue_if_no_path".

Status example:

 * num_multipath_feature_args [multipath_feature_args]*
 * num_handler_status_args [handler_status_args]*
 * num_groups [A|D|E num_paths num_selector_args [path_dev A|F fail_count [selector_args]* ]+ ]+

A=the currently-used PG
D=a disabled PG
E=an enabled PG (but not the currently-used one)

Feature args tells you the current queue size.

Messages:  [dmsetup message <devname> <sector> <message>]
  disable_group / enable_group - toggle PG priority
Disabled PGs are only used after all paths in enabled PGs have failed.
  fail_path / reinstate_path - toggle path status

e.g. dmsetup message mp3 0 fail_if_no_path
     dmsetup message mp3 0 reinstate_path 7:2

  queue_if_no_path / fail_if_no_path - what to do if every path in every PG 
has failed.  Userspace can check the queue size from the status line to
judge how urgent it is to fix the problem is: if queueing, userspace *must* 
intervene to resolve the problem and clear the queue.

I don't believe suspend/resume/table reload is handled properly yet, and I'm
seeing some oddness when there are errors with split bios.

Do path selectors and hw_handlers get the info they need?

Should there be any additional infrastructure provided for hw_handler pg_init fn?
(e.g. a callback mechanism)
   pg_init is required to return immediately, and must call dm_pg_init_complete()
when it's finished.  Does it need more error flags?  e.g. to fail all paths in 
the PG, not just the one it was called with?

I'd like to see hw_handler implementations for at least two different types of 
hardware before pushing this upstream.

agk redhat com

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