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[dm-devel] Re: [klibc] initrd / initramfs future

Sam Ravnborg wrote:

I'm happy to help out with kbuild stuff. But please be a bit more specific :-) I've got most of the infrastructure in place for integrating klibc in the kernel last I looked - but then I got sidetracked while waiting for hpa to do the file-reorg we sort of agreed at.

Did not see that happened so I concluded integration in kernel were low
on priority again - so I focussed on other issues.

I just got sidetracked by my employer going into full productization cruch and a very, very nasty RAID-6 bug which still isn't resolved.

I've been meaning to pull down your stuff and integrate it from there, but if you think it would make more sense to do the file reorg first in the standalone klibc tarball I'll do that first -- it's easier.

A few days work (in spare time so calendar timewise it is more) is needed
for full integration in kernel.
I may even backport some kbuild stuff to klibc to reuse same infrastructure
for the programs - but dunno until I take a closer look.


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