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Re: [dm-devel] multipathd.init

On ven, 2005-04-01 at 21:40 +0100, Alasdair G Kergon wrote:
> Attached is a cleaned-up version of multipathd init script - at least 
> for Red Hat based systems.
> While it uses the standard daemon-handling functions, it's still only 
> suitable for a few situations though.
> If you have / on dm-multipath, the daemon has to be started from
> the initrd - so you don't want it stopping/starting from init.d,
> but you might want to HUP it.
Not agreed.

The daemon is only needed for the multipathed FS to survive PG failover
-> PG failback cycles.

Hence, the vulnerability window is between "/ mounted in intrd" and
"multipathd started in rc?.d/".

Do we really want to do complicated things to close that window ? I
would guess not.

I insist : we do survive simple PG failover during that risky window,
with multipathd running. The failing scenario probability is so thin ...

christophe varoqui <christophe varoqui free fr>

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