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RE: [dm-devel] Re: fastfail operation and retries

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> Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 5:50 PM
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> Subject: Re: [dm-devel] Re: fastfail operation and retries
> On 2005-04-21T17:31:46, "goggin, edward" <egoggin emc com> wrote:
> > > No. Basically every time out error creates a "dunno why" 
> error right
> > > now - could be the storage system itself, could be the network in
> > > between.
> > >
> > I was really thinking of the code where the sense key/asc/ascq makes
> > it into the bio.
> We don't get sense data for transport errors and certain storage
> failures, though.
> > I agree we and likely other storage vendors could do a better job
> > here.  But that said, the multipathing code could also avoid failing
> > the path just because an io error occurred on that path.  Instead,
> > this could be the sole responsibility of path testing (from user
> > space) which could reduce the likelihood of media errors being
> > confused with path connectivity ones.
> If we can't differentiate in the kernel where we have the IO error
> details available, then how would user-space? You're not solving the
> problem ;-)

Maybe not completely, but at least an inquiry of page 83 will not trip
over media errors.  Also, why use a different test for determining path
success than the one used for path failure?

> > I agree that its unfortunate that the CLARiion is failing all paths
> > during NDU, even for a restricted amount of time.  Even so, it must
> > be dealt with as is.
> It does? According to my documentation, the CX-family, the FC4700(-2)
> and likely the Symmetrix NDU is a rolling update, so that always one
> Service-Processor remains accessible, with enough delay in 
> between them
> that path retesting will have reenabled the path.
> We get an 02/04/03 Path Not Ready error code for this case, 
> which in the
> dm-emc.c handler is translated to an immediate switch_pg.
> In fact, the user-space testing code will receive 
> pre-notification of a
> pending NDU by the LUN Operations field being set to 1, which 
> will cause
> user-space to flag that path as down, even if there's no in-flight IO.
> This combined ought to cover the NDU case pretty well and is 
> implemented
> already. (And supposedly works in SLES9 SP2 beta3.)
> According to my docs, the only EMC array which does fail all paths
> during a software update (by doing a "Warm Reboot") is a FC4500 array.
> Not sure whether this also includes the AX-series, though, my doc
> doesn't mention it. The FC4500 might not respond to IO for upto 50
> seconds; in which case the queue_if_no_path and user-space retesting
> provides adequate (as good as possible) coverage to reinstate 
> the paths.

I am seeing all-paths-down time period whenever I perfrom an NDU
for a CX300 while running 1 (async write behind) dd thread per
mapped device for 16 mapped devices.

> (The fact that no write/reads complete should automatically 
> throttle the
> IO, too; however, this might not be true for certain write 
> patterns, and
> in particular async IO (how could we possible throttle _that_?). IO
> throttling in this case remains a problem which we might need to
> address.)

This is the problem I am refering to.

> I guess you get what you pay for: The arrays which _do_ have this
> misbehaviour _will_ be problematic in certain configurations; putting
> swap on them comes to mind.
> As this allows EMC and other vendors to sell their higher end 
> arrays, I
> can't see how you could possibly complain ;-)
> I stand by my point that any array which does have this behaviour does
> not qualify as high-end storage.
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