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Re: [dm-devel] How is the multipath pg policy group-by-nodename any different th an the failover policy ...

On 27 Apr 2005, at 21:07, christophe varoqui wrote:

The fact is, the world seems full of exotic hardware. This pgpolicy was
asked by IBM for their ESS class controllers were each node has a unique
nodename whatever the number of paths to the node. Having a penalty
switching a LU from one node to its peer, they were interested in group
all paths to a node together.

Yep, I think I requested it for the San Volume Controllers (IBM standalone ESS derivative (and as I say that no doubt a ESS team member will flame me ;))

Well, at least it's what I understood from the request :/

One would have thought that group_by_serial was here to cover that
scenario, but that hardware just doesn't work that way.

All the path have the same serial, but the show up from different nodes.


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