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[dm-devel] regarding DM device for a single path.

Hi Alasdair,

Kindly clarify on the following,


  1. I tested your latest user space tools with 2.6.9-11.41 kernel. Used the default created devices for multipathing. The path status is getting updated appropriately for HSV200 arrays.  However the failback functionality is not working for me. I have configure value for “failback” variable in /etc/multipath.conf as zero for immediate failback, but when the failed path in the original path group comes back online, the IO is not failed back the old pathgroup.



  1. In yesterday’s discussion, you mentioned that DM device nodes will not be created for the physical devices which are having single path.  Assuming one particular device had 2 paths and DM device was created and used by the applications. While the system is rebooted for some reasons, and if one of the paths for this device is lost, then the subsequent reboot will not create the DM device as it sees only one path for this device. And the DM device might be created only if the other path comes back online and the HBA driver is rescanned for new devices.  This may not be desired multipathing behaviour, as the DM device does not exist if we one path for the device.


Thanks and regards



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