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Re: [dm-devel] Question about Multibus+Failover

Christophe Varoqui wrote:

On mar, 2005-12-06 at 15:37 -0500, Josef Whiter wrote:

I've had several requests about loadbalancing coupled with failover for dm multipathing. I know with failover you get just failover, and multibus you get just load balancing, but I was wondering if there was a hybrid option for load balancing that would handle a failed path gracefully. Thanks much,

Failed paths are handled quite gracefully in all grouping policies.

That said, other stock grouping policies are at your disposal :
group_by_serial or group_by_node_name or the special group_by_prio that
let you do your own grouping policy with callouts (shell scripts or

Please have a look at the documentation available.


Hmm, then perhaps I've been seeing errant behavior, b/c everytime somebody uses multibus and they fail a path they get a bunch of IO errors and the FS is remounted, but if they use failover and pull the active connection, there are no errors and the failover is seamless. I shall investigate further on what they are seeing. Thank you,


Josef Whiter, RHCE
Global Support Services
Red Hat, Inc.
919-754-3700 x44429

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