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[dm-devel] "device mapper" patch problem

           I am using mandrake 10.2 (kernel : 2.6.11-6mdk ),
which device mapper patch i should download
because on  website
there are only 2 patches available :

1)   2.4.26-rc1
2)   2.6.12-rc2-udm1

i have tried with 2nd option n followed  commands given on website


> cd /tmp
> tar jxvf 2.6.12-rc2-udm1.tar.bz2
> cd /usr/src/2.6.12-rc2-udm1
> cat /tmp/2.6.12-rc2-udm1/*.patch | patch -p1

i didnt understand 3rd command "cd /usr/src/2.6.12-rc2-udm1"
my question is :  i untar that file in /tmp folder then how this
folder is created in /usr/src ?

I followed following path :

1) i kept that " 2.6.12-rc2-udm1" in /tmp
2) cd /tmp
! 3)tar jxvf 2.6.12-rc2-udm1.tar.bz2
4) copy that directory (2.6.12-rc2-udm1) to directory /usr/src
5) cat /tmp/2.6.12-rc2-udm1/*.patch | patch -p1

Then it gives me error as :
cannot find file to patch at input line 6

where i am wrong ?

So, basically i want to know which patch i should use ?
please help me .

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