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Re: [dm-devel] dm-mon fails to load raid1 target

Kevin Corry wrote:
> Molle Bestefich wrote:
>> I can't get dm_mon to load the raid1 target.
> Do you mean "dm_mod", which is the core of the DM driver?

Yes :-).

>> The syslog says (timestamps removed):
>> [...]
> This means a user-space program tried to load a device-table for a target-type
> that doesn't exist or couldn't be loaded.
>> I'm booting with a Gentoo CD [gen2dmraid 0.99 - kernel: 2.6.9, driver
>> 4.1.0, library 1.00.17-ioctl].
>> The /lib/modules/.../raid1.ko file is present.
> That is the module for MD/Software-RAID RAID-1, not the Device-Mapper
> mirroring module. They are completely different drivers that just happen to
> be in the same directory in the kernel source and module trees.

Ack.  Thank you for clearing that up.

I've never been able to install a working copy of Linux on my PC, so I
don't know squat.

Linux cannot use the disks on my ATARAID controller, even though it
says on the box that the controller supports Linux.  Using the
proprietary driver, I can't recompile the kernel with eg. appropriate
sound card drivers and the open source ATARAID driver isn't up-to-date
with the metadata format.

I'm trying again now that DM and DMRAID has arrived, but (as is
probably apparent), I haven't got a clue what I'm doing :-)

>> Any hints on what is going wrong / what I am doing wrong?
> The Device-Mapper mirroring target is called "dm-mirror". Check your kernel
> configuration and make sure you have CONFIG_DM_MIRROR set to "y" or "m". If
> necessary, you may need to rebuild your kernel to enable it. Once it's
> enabled, run "dmsetup targets" and look for a "mirror" entry. If you've
> compiled DM mirroring as a module, try "modprobe dm-mirror", and then run
> "dmsetup targets" again.

Gerte, is there somehow that I can persuade you to build a new LiveCD
with dm-mirror support?

I would like to do it myself, but am a bit stuck since no Linux distro
will install on my PC :-/..

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