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Re: [dm-devel] Experiences with multipath-tools and EMC CLARiiON

Tore Anderson wrote:

 Host-based failover doesn't seem to work, or at least I cannot figure
out how to do it.  "sg_start -s /dev/sdb 1" gives me this:

sync_cache: SCSI status: Check Condition Fixed format, current; Sense key: Not Ready
Additional sense: Logical unit not ready, manual intervention required

 I guess the "tresspass" command is a proprietary thing and what is
needed is just a userspace utility that is able to send the same thing
down the fibre as the dm-emc kernel module is.

Yes, "sg_start -s /dev/sdb 1" is not an adequate mean to force a host-driven failover for the clariion hardware. You need the trespass tool included in recent sg3_utils package.

For the rest, I guess Lars will be able to give you more feedback.

 Cristophe:  Should I make a summary of this email and add it to your
TestedEnvironments page?  I'm not sure if I could've made it work by
configuring multipathd in another way (for instance the numbers on the
hardware_handler line I just found in some mailing list archive, I have
no idea what they mean) - so I'm a bit afraid of ending up updating it
with flat-out incorrect information.

We'll do that as soon as Lars has helped you refining your config.


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