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RE: [dm-devel] LVM Multipathing

I tried it previously and now also. But it doesnt get me out of trouble.

That's why i tried the 1st FAQ. 
Can you please elaborate what can be wrong in all this stuff?

Thanks and Regards, 
Shahid Shaikh. 

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Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 5:23 PM
To: shahid shaikh patni com; device-mapper development
Subject: Re: [dm-devel] LVM Multipathing

I was thinking about that part :


      3. LVM2 doesn't see my multipathed devices as PV, what's up ?

By default, lvm2 does not consider device-mapper block devices (such as 
a dm-crypt device) for use as physical volumes.

In order to use a dm-crypt device as an lvm2 pv, add this line to the 
devices block in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf:

types = [ "device-mapper", 16 ]

If /etc/lvm/lvm.conf does not exist, you can create one based on your 
current/default config like so:

lvm dumpconfig > /etc/lvm/lvm.conf

(tip from Christophe Saout)

... then again,

"you need to exclude the paths from the scaning"


shahid shaikh wrote:

>I seen FAQ. Part relevant to me from FAQ (copied below) consist semething
>related to files /etc/mkinitrd/modules and
>But these files are not peresnt at the given location on my system.
>I have installed udev-021-36.32 and multipath-tools-0.2.1 ( one which come
>bundled with SLES9).
>Please let me know why they are not present over. is there something still
>Or i need install something else ( obviously excluding OS)?

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