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Re: [Evms-devel] Re: [dm-devel] dev kernels(bio change), evms_activate still produces oops

Dave Olien <dmo osdl org> writes:

> I apologize again for being slow about this. Below are the two
> patches I developed. The first one is in 2.6.11-rc4.  The other
> one should appear in the Andrew's mm tree for rc4.
> They both apply to linux-2.6.11-rc3-udm2, with some offsets.
> The problems both appear because of the way raid5 and raid6 created
> its bio's that it then passed into bio_clone().

>> [...]
> ------------------ patch 1 ----------------------------------------------------
> [...]
> +	struct bio *b = bio_alloc_bioset(gfp_mask, bio->bi_max_vecs, fs_bio_set);

in fact patch 2 is in 2.6.11-rc4, and patch 1 is needed to stop the
Thanks you very much Dave.
Everything seem to work. I just have dm errors messages, but it
seems related to evms.

For information (since evms-devel is cc'ed):
device-mapper: dm-linear: Device lookup failed
device-mapper: error adding target to table

(happens even if i don't use a dm linear object.)



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