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Re: [dm-devel] 2.6.10-udm1

If there is a local path and a remote iscsi path to the


I can't image a valid useful scenario where a LU can be presented
through different controler models or through different kernel

Yes, this is true. But it is better to consider all the possibilities.
For example, if we suppose a scenario where scaling to a redundant storage subsystem is very very expansive for a small business we may suppose a first phase where we have single controller/switch/hba per host etc. and a cheap backup low-prioirty iSCSI path.
In a second phase we can upgrade the hw and buy the second hba/controller/switch and so on.
Apparently it may be proper the hw-handler is on the iscsi server machine and the problem is solved, but i do not know if in the future, different scenarios may change this assumption.


Nicola Ranaldo

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