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[dm-devel] Re: [RFC] [PATCH] move bio code from dm into bio

On Thu, Jan 20 2005, Dave Olien wrote:
> Jens, last December you observed there was bio code
> duplicated in the dm drivers.


> Here are a collection of patches that implements
> support for local bio and bvec pools into bio.c and then
> removes the duplicate bio code from the dm drivers.
> It also replaces a call to alloc_bio() in dm.c with
> a call to use a local bio pool.  This removes a 
> deadlock case in that code.
> These patches are against 2.6.11-rc1.  If that's not
> a good source version to patch against, let me now
> what versions I should generate patches for.

Just check if they apply to current BK tree, in general it's just best
to do patches against latest -rc1-bkX (or just the bk tree, if you use

But the patch looks good, the bio_set approach is the cleanest way to
fix it I think. It will be easy to fix the bounce deadlock as well, by
adding a bio_set_bounce to mm/highmem.c as well.

Thanks for doing this! I'll review the patch in detail, the concept and
solution is definitely good though.

Jens Axboe

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