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[dm-devel] path notification not working using on Suse SP2


In Suse SP2,


We had 0.4.4 version of the multipath tools installed from Lars website along with the kernel 2.6.5-7.183 kernel. The path status is never getting updated when the path is made unavailable or available. Then we used OS sg tools to check if we are able to get "test unit ready (tur)" responses proper as the path checker we used is "tur". The response of "tur is proper when it's run on "sg" devices", but it always succeeds when run on "sd" devices.  As the "tur" path checker uses "sd" devices to check the path, we never got the path change status.


We have tried the same on Suse SP2- rc2, rc3 and rc4. The behaviour is the same, when the “readsector0” path checker is used for path verification.

Even with 0.4.5 multipath tools we are seeing the problem.  Is this a known problem?  Any pointer to get around this is appreciated.


Thanks and regards



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