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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH] HP SW support take 3

Mike Christie wrote:
Christophe Varoqui wrote:

I confirm a robust behaviour now with take 3.
Here is a take 4 that move to an appropriate "best effort mode", ie always return success.

The point is, whenever DM start submitting io the an asleep controler, precede with a START command. If it fails ... too bad, the consecutive io will fail and DM will try another PG. Had to do that because take 3 interprets an error where the controler switch have correctly happened.

ok so is it if the controller is already failed over and we send the START command, rq->errors had some value so I ended up failing the operation, right? Let me send a patch that will dump the sense and rq->errors info out so we can see if there is some nice ASC/ASCQ value that will tell us this occured like with the LSI boxes.

oh wait, when I reread this I guess you are saying that I was always gettting a rq->error value when I send a START_STOP and it succeeds?

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