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Re: [dm-devel] StorageWorks multipath support

On 2005-06-15T15:45:36, Christophe Varoqui <christophe varoqui free fr> wrote:

> I'm not attached to the ghost term, but what it describes is here to
> stay.


> This state has a special treatment in the daemon : paths in this state
> are kept in active state in the DM, instead of proactively being
> failed. This is for the hwhandler to be given a chance to activate a
> PG with only ghost paths in it.

Well, before, those paths were simply kept as "active" / "healthy" (and
from the point of view of the kernel code they are, just that the PG
they are in might not be enabled).

But it makes the status output look nicer of course if those paths are
listed as "ghost" in the user-space.

> If you come with a better term, I'll sure consider it. Maybe "spare" ?

Well, "ghost" or "passive" or "spare", I don't care ;-) I was just

BTW, backporting uevent is a bit more annoying then I thought. How about
a way to manually prod the daemon? That might be useful in general, for
example if a hotplug event was lost due to whatever reason...

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