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Re: [dm-devel] multipath uxsock patch

Thanks, commited.

I also commited a previous patch which tries to add a pthread_cleanup
function. It unfortunately never gets called, and I clearly don't
understand why.

If you happen to have a little experience here, I'd appreciate if you
can look into it.


On jeu, 2005-06-23 at 23:04 -0500, Benjamin Marzinski wrote:
> I was playing around with the CLI, and having some issues. Occasionally commands
> wouldn't work, which was because multipathd was using string functions on
> strings that weren't NULL terminated. Also, if you just typed in junk for the
> name of the map to remove, it would always remove dm-0, because atoi returned 0.
> I fixed those, added some moron-proofing checks, and made multipathd reply
> "fail" if the command failed.
> Here's the patch
> -Ben
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