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Re: [dm-devel] device mapper and resizing devices

As far as I understand this is not supported. What we do is we add a new device, we then do sg_reset -b /dev/sgX and then we add them into the volume group and then we resize it.

I would also warn you that we have seen corruption repeatable times with xfs over devicemapper under 2.6.


CTO @ Fotango Ltd

On 1 Mar 2005, at 21:03, Andy wrote:

I am using dm-multipath on non-partitioned (xfs) devices on a SAN. If I
resize the device, and rescan my path devices (i.e rescan /dev/sda,
/dev/sdb, /dev/sdc,/dev/sdd (all the same path)) the kernel sees the new
size of the individual devices, but the /sys/block/dm-0 device is still the
old size. I believe this is the reason why I cannot grow my xfs filesystem
without doing a reboot so that the dm device will have the new size. I'd
like to avoid unmounting and rebooting to resize the device. I haven't
played with lvm enough to feel comfortable using it. Is there any way to
get the dm device to be the proper size, or is this a bug, or a feature that
needs further discussion?


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