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[dm-devel] version 0.4.3-pre(3, 5) multipath tools have memory/cpu consumptio n issues

The recent change to multipath/main.c:main() to include an inner loop which
"calls both devt2devname() and devinfo() for each sysfs discovered path"
an outer loop which runs for each currently configured multipath mapped
in the kernel has turned multipath(8) into both a cpu and memory monster.

top(1) shows that a simple "multipath -v0 -l" command has been running for
20 minutes of "cpu time" over a 25 minute time span and it has not yet

This is only after fixing a bug in devt2devname() where the sysfs directory
being closed before returning after matching the specified dev_t with a
sysfs entry.
Simply adding call to sysfs_close_directory() before early prevented huge
consumption from keeping anything else from happening on the machine.  I
another much smaller memory leak in multipath/devinfo.c:apply_format() and
calls to apply_format() from multipath/devinfo.c:devinfo().  I've enclosed a
patch for
devinfo.c with both of these leaks fixed.

It looks like this change is to allow multipath to retrieve "very recent"
path health
before comparing this path health status with the path status from the
dm map.  This comes at quite a cost though.  My host has 128 LUs each with
2 paths and 32 LUs each with 4 paths for an aggregate total of 160 LUs and
paths.  Each of the calls to devinfo() does 2 fork/exec pairs, leading to a
total of 
160 * 320 * 2 = 102,400 fork/exec pairs before the command completes.  The
numbers will look astronomically large for a host with 4K LUs each with 4

I suspect that the fork/exec overhead is the major cause of the time delay
time(1) for the command invocation shows slightly more system time than user
time.  Conditionally compiling out the inner loop enables the "multipath -v0
command to complete in 2.3 seconds.

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