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Re: [dm-devel] RE: How is the multipath pg policy group-by-nodename any differen t than the failover policy?

On 2005-05-03T13:22:32, Arthur Bergman <sky nanisky com> wrote:

> >How is the resultant path grouping any different than if you used the
> >failover
> >path grouping policy instead?
> >
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> Huh, as far as I understand it group_by_nodename uses the
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target0:0:0/node_name information
> from our setup, there are 8 paths to two controllers, there is no 
> failover cost but it defeats read caching pretty beadly to use both 
> controllers..
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target0:0:0/node_name:0x50050768010003d5
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target0:0:1/node_name:0x5005076801000361
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target0:0:2/node_name:0x50050768010003d5
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target0:0:3/node_name:0x5005076801000361
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target1:0:0/node_name:0x5005076801000361
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target1:0:1/node_name:0x5005076801000361
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target1:0:2/node_name:0x50050768010003d5
> /sys/class/fc_transport/target1:0:3/node_name:0x50050768010003d5
> So all path that ends at a matching node_name, even if they are on 
> different transport targets get one path.

Now figure in that this might need to be stacked with more hw-specific
stuff like dm-emc ;-)

I think that ought to work already if multipath-tools would set up the
right cascaded multipath tables in theory though; however it might not
because depending on how the stacking works some things might not
propagate up or down correctly right now.

    Lars Marowsky-Brée <lmb suse de>

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