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[dm-devel] corruption in LVM lv to dm mapping

Hi all,

I have an AMD-64 machine running SuSE 9.2. I have one disk (for now,
will add another later on) and a VG on it. I have created some LVs.

Sometimes later, I realized that when I mount an LV (lets call it
lv_a) I see the directory structure of another LV (lets call it lv_b)
but I can see that the LV has correct size in lvdisplay.

/mnt is mounted as lv_b
/mnt2 is mounted as lv_a but has contents as lv_b has.

I thought that, filesystem structure is corrupted and started to work
on some filesystem level utilities today, but today I see that,
another filesystem pair also got the same problem.

So I think it is a problem in device-mapper level, not the filesystem level. 

What can be the possible works to get what is wrong and how to fix ? 

I am new at device-mapper, I don't have enough experience on it and I
do not want to loose everything while there is something that can be

Any help is appreciated. 

Thanks and best regards.. 

* Suleyman Kutlu
* mailto: suleyman kutlu gmail com

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