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Re: [dm-devel] Getting close to RHEL4 U3 freeze

When's the freeze?

I have a path priority patch (for netapp targets) I'm trying to get
tested so I can submit it.  It's purely new code in userspace (patch
against multipath-tools), so hopefully non-controversial.

Not sure if I should kill myself or not, hence the question about
whether I've missed U3 freeze yet.


Benjamin Marzinski wrote:
Just to let everybody know that freeze date for Redhat Enterprise Linux 4
Update 3 is getting close.  The blocker bug that is currently being used to
track bugfixes and enhancements that are getting into U3 is


If anyone feels strongly that there is a bugzilla that should be on the list,
but is not, please put a comment in the 171044 bugzilla entry.  If it's an
enhancement, please make sure that the enhancement description is as specific
as possible.



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