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[dm-devel] [PATCH RFC 0/4] dm-netlink events

This is an update of my previous patch to add netlink event support to dm
multipath. I have moved the dm netlink support out of a hardware handler
and into a dm-netlink support file. I have changed the event messages to
use netlink attributes which should allow for more flexibility in event
message content over time.

This patch series adds a file called dm-netlink to the drivers/md
directory to provide netlink support for dm events.

The skb mempool in this patch is derived / copied from

This patch series contains:
1 Core dm netlink support (dm-netlink).
2 Calls to dm-netlink for path failure / reinstate events.
3 A sample user space program to receive / display events (dm_nld).

I have ran path failure testing on a small config.
I ran the sample program as a 32 bit and 64 bit app against a 64 bit

Currently on path failures the blkerr is hard coded until that error
support is complete.

Example out:
1.) Path failure.
Msg Type: 17 Recevied
Event Type: 1 Version: 6
[Event]: SEQNUM: 7, Time: Tue Nov 29 21:50:47 2005, DMNAME: 8:160, BLKERR:

2.) Path reinstate
Msg Type: 17 Recevied
Event Type: 2 Version: 6
[Event]: SEQNUM: 12, Time: Tue Nov 29 21:51:57 2005, DMNAME: 8:48

Michael Anderson
andmike us ibm com

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