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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH] [RFC] persistent readable names

Hi Patrick :)

On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 08:07:36AM +0100, Patrick Caulfield wrote:
> Patrick Mansfield wrote:
> > Here is some /dev, lsscsi and scsi_id output on a SLES9 system (rpm
> > udev-021-36.55). by-path is basically pci and scsi bus_id's; by-id is
> > basically scsi_id plus partition output. 
> > 

> Those are the names I'm trying to free people from.
> OK, multipath1 - multipath5000 aren't exactly friendly (but how else are you
> going to name 5000 disks - there aren't that many Simpsons characters!) but
> they're are a /lot/ easier to deal with than those I can see there.

But we should not have a dm only solution.

For that many disks, I don't see how it helps much, you must still deal
with the specific id's at some level. I was thinking more about nice names
for a few disks, or splitting disks into groups with a common prefix (and
then still keep the long id portion).

Enumerating names in shared/cluster setups probably makes things worse,
though you could try to share or copy the file that maps wwid to the
enumeration, the same thing for a udev solution.

-- Patrick Mansfield

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