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[dm-devel] Trouble configuring MPIO with multipath-tools

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help un-confuse me. =-)

I've been through about every document I can find on the internet trying to
chase down exactly how I'm supposed to configure devices for MPIO. I
haven't seen the same answer twice. Everything is different.

The most formal documentation I found was here:

I've also been out to the multipath-tools resource page:

I really haven't gotten anything to work yet. =-)

I also saw another issue addressed from this e-mail discussion board that
said really all you need to do is uncomment some lines in
/etc/multipath.conf and comment out some other lines and you're good to go.

So, to clear things up with the device mapper piece of things. Is there any
requirement of the multipath command that these devices have to be
pre-built using dmsetup before multipath will recognize and built a path
under /dev/dm-*? If so,...how do you setup two paths to one device in your
target_file? What's confusing to me for setting up two devices in a
"linear" fashion would seem like it's creating a concatenation of two
separate devices instead of creating two paths to one device (i.e. "0
1028160 linear /dev/hda 0 1028160 3903762 linear /dev/hdb 0" from the
dmsetup manpage). The only other options are to set them up as stripe or
error devices.

I'm not sure where to go next with this. I can see my two paths at /dev/sda
and /dev/sdb. Whether I partition them or not, multipath won't pick
anything up and display it with 'multipath -v2 -d' or 'multipath -l'. What
I get from 'multipath -v2 -d' is an error like this:

#multipath -v2 -d
error calling out /bin/false
error calling out /bin/false

Also, does multipathd or the multipath command itself update
/etc/multipath.conf when multipath configures or recognizes a device,..or
is it all a manual process? I can't say I've ever seen a device addressed
like this before:

Coming from a Solaris background, I'm used seeing the WWNN and/or the WWPN.
=-) I'm pretty new to the Linux world, so I understand that I'll have to
get used to seeing things differently sometimes.

Anyways, I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. FYI, I'm running SLES 9
with SP2, multipath-tools 0.4.4 is installed, and I'm using a pair of
Qlogic 2340 HBAs. The storage array controllers are configured as
active/active. The Qlogic failover parameter is disabled due to my previous
trials playing with mdadm's mpio features as well.


Dale Fowle
Seagate Technology
Colorado Springs, CO

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