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[dm-devel] Progress on LVM2 snapshots - kernel 2.6.x


What is latest status of LVM2 lvcreate/lvremove snapshots with kernel 2.6.x series ?
Why if i'm under copying some data from remote host to smb share on my server with lvm2 logical volume and 1 or 2 snashots which is/are filled > 1% and at the same time lvremove snapshot then it cause "segmentation fault" and after that all read/write commands to that lv e.g. cp hangs up ?

With reference to:
In the meantime, you can apply the snapshot patches in the -udm
tree and use 'dmsetup' manually to activate and deactivate snapshots
when lvm2 fails.

Patches 8 and 9 at:


(Further patches are needed, but those two plus correct dmsetup use
should avoid machine lockups.)

what does it mean "correct use of dmsetup tool" and when it should be used: before and after lvcreate or lvremove snapshot or with both ?

Thanks all for any response,
Best regards,

hubgor poczta fm

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