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[dm-devel] Dmsetup snapshot create/remove procedure and latest status with 2.6.x kernel series


I noticed that lvm2 create/remove snapshot of logical volume feature with 2.6.x kernel series is still very bad and at last randomly causes that any access (read/write) to that lv is impossible or even ocures system hung up.

In detail especially create/remove many snapshots of XFS logical volume is big problem and causes randomly hung up xfs_io or dmsetup suspend/resume calls in memory.

Please if somebody could help and give me some exemple(s) of proper use dmsetup tool (suspend/resume) or maybe xfs_freeze -f/u command under creating/removing snapshot and copying data at the same time ?

Should i use any of above dmsetup or xfs_freeze commands ?

My configuration :
- Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 stable
- tested kernels:,, 2.6.14rc1, 2.6.14rc2
- libdevmapper and lvm2 1.05 - both from cvs
- 3ware 3xxx SATA Raid controller
- 8x 250GB SATA HDD (Raid0 sda = 1.36T)
- 1x vg, 1x xfs lv = 698GB, 2x snapshot = 349GB each

I randomly creating / removing snashots under copying data from remote
host to smb share or to iSCSI target on my server.

I noticed that best results give me xfs_freeze -f/u usage but it sometimes couses that xfs_io hung up and then any i/o calls to XFS logical volume are inpossible.

Even if i add more RAM (1/2GB) it not help.

What dm-devel patches should be applied (patches 8 and 9 for snapshots don't make any diffrence) ?

Thanks for any help.
Best regards


Sa niesamowite, zobaczysz... ;-) >>> link http://link.interia.pl/f18b9

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