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Re: [dm-devel] creating partition mappings with different delimiters

It seems to me that volume managers, aka LVM or the like, is where folks
should be heading and the faster we can move them in that direction the
better.  The volume managers provide so much more flexibility than

Maybe so. But they also add another layer of complexity for
booting. I'd like the steps between me and a successful boot to be as complex as required but no more so.

True, just as the whole SAN is just another layer layer of complexity for booting and swaping : zoning and selective storage presentation errors are common, not to mention software shortcomings.

System on SAN is just a bit more risky. Not doing it also cuts down on the main use for partitions.

Big data volumes can be handled just fine by storage arrays internal volume managers.

My opinions, anyway.
So subject to frequent oscillations ;)


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