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[dm-devel] Re: [RHEL 4 U2] Recommended blacklist for Sun X4200, V40z

On 3/29/06, Brian Long <briandlong gmail com> wrote:
I'm running RHEL 4 U2 (device-mapper-multipath-0.4.5-6.0.RHEL4).  I have a multipath.conf which uses the compiled-in blacklist.  I also have specified device entries specific to certain EMC arrays in use (see attached multipath.conf ).  The majority of our hosts are HP Proliant with cciss local disks and they are blacklisted appropriately.  When I use the same multipath.conf on a Sun V40z or X4200, multipathing is not working and I believe it's because the internal disk (LSI Logic / MPT Fusion RAID) is not blacklisted (see attached multipath-v3.out for details).

Is there a recommended blacklist entry for these hosts?  Can I blacklist by vendor ID instead of device?

I could not get multipath working properly on these hosts until I set up a vendor-based blacklist in /etc/scis_id.conf.  I blacklisted vendor=LSILOGIC and multipath works well for the SAN devices.


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