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Re: [dm-devel] Multipath selector policy additions

On mar, 2006-02-07 at 16:10 -0600, Brad Johnson wrote:
> I am a software developer that is new to this list. I understand that
> currently round-robin is the only implemented path selector type. I am
> scoping (for a major storage vendor) the effort required to implement
> additional selector types, as well as other work required to function
> properly with their hardware (possibly special device-specific
> hardware handlers, config file changes, etc.). I assume there is a
> procedure in place to allow developers to submit changes such as these
> to the public domain, and hope that eventually they may be included in
> some future distributions.
> My questions are:
> What is the procedure for submitting kernel patches for the device
> mapper?

Submitting changes to the maintainer, cc the dm-devel list is the
practice for both kernel-space and user-space multipath subsystems.

> Who (or what organization) owns responsibility for the device mapper
> kernel modules?

I'll guess you mean maintainership, not "responsibility" :/

The DM maintainer is Alasdair Kergon, RedHat.

> Who owns responsibility for the user-space multipath pieces?

I maintain the user-space tools
> Is anyone else currently developing additional path selector types?

Mike Christie, RedHat, and Lars M. Bree, Suse, have experimence with

> I am sorry if my newbie questions are naive, but any help to point me
> in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Brad Johnson
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