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[dm-devel] Multipathing to a LUN through brocade switch


I know this list has handle many issues of users not knowing how to
setup multipathing, but I've read all of them and Christophe's wiki and
I can't get my system to talk to my storage array.

OS: RHEL 4.2, device-mapper-multipath-0.4.5-6.0.RHEL4

Configuration:  I have a SunFire 4100 with one 2 port qla hba pci card
dual connected to a single 16 port brocade silkworm which in turn in
dual connected to a Sun StorEdge 3511.  Interestingly, I get 4
/dev/sd[c-f] associated with the same LUN.  I presume that each device
can see the LUN through each of the 2 connections from the switch to the

I know that mapper is working because there are 2 devices that the LVM
creates, one for / and one for swap, but the LUNs don't show up.
multipath -v2  does not give any output, but -v3 gives information on
all 6 of the sd[a-f] devices.  The only differences in the output of
sd[c-f] are dev_t and h:b:t:l fields (see below).  I've tried to add
entries into the multipath.conf file, but nothing changes the output and
I never get any more devices in /dev/mapper.

What am I doing wrong?


(I diffed the sections in the multipath -v3 output)

< ===== path sdc =====
> ===== path sdf =====
< dev_t = 8:32
> dev_t = 8:80
< h:b:t:l = 1:0:0:0
> h:b:t:l = 2:0:1:0
< path sdd not found in pathvec
> path sdg not found in pathvec

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