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[dm-devel] Re: STK / LSI Multipath Support

On 1/12/06, Chris Penney <penney msu edu> wrote:

The multipath code seems to support STK D280 (active / passive) disk arrays, but with one exception.  It doesn't seem to be able to query the priorities of the luns properly.  For example, I create four luns on a D280 and assign two luns to controller A and two to controller B.  When the system (which has dual hbas) boots they all end up on one controller and multipathd never switches to the primary paths even though they are available.

I am guessing this is because "prio_callout" is set to "/bin/true" so it defaults to the first path in the list.  Is there a prio_callout that works with lsi branded arrays?  I run SLES 9 and I see there are mpath_prio_{emc,tpc,alua}, but none (somewhat obviously) don't work.  I was able to write a perl script that simply took a device arguement and looked up a priority in a table and it appears to work, but it's obviously a nasty hack and doesn't automatically detect the proper path (which would be necessary in the case of a manual failover).


   Chris Penney
   penney msu edu
After some experimentation and looking at the defaults for the SGI 9500 (which is the same hardware as the STK D280 with only some firmware differences) I found that I could use mpath_prio_tpc with the STK array.  Is this a reasonable solution?


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