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[dm-devel] setting up a device section


Ive been working on setting up our multipath environment over the past few weeks.
I have things working with multipath / failover as they should. Im trying now to setup an
actual device section (using our defined hardware) within the multipath.conf file. Previouisly
I just went with the default setup and things worked however, Im wondering if I can get more
fine tuned with setting up an actual device section.

Am I thinking about this correctly? WIll this give me a better setup in the future. and if so
are there docs on what HW I can create a device section for? Our current setup is using an
equallogic psXXX iSCSI device for storage I have only seen reference to NetApp and HP stuff
will others play nicely? And if this is not documented what entries within the device section do
I need to get stuff rolling?

Thanks for any help. This dm-multipath stuff is cool :-) I love being able to power off a switch
and still see the disk access work.

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