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Re: [dm-devel] Hard drives shutting themselves off in RAID mode

On 6/15/06, Tom Wirschell <Tom wirschell nl> wrote:
On 15 Jun 2006, Greg Freemyer wrote:
> In 2.6.17-mm there is a huge SATA error handler (EH) rewrite.  Is is
> planned to hit the stable Linus kernel with 2.6.18 towards the end of
> the summer, but even then it will only have a few of the actual
> drivers modified to use the EH infrastructure.

Damn. I read about this in the LWN.net Kernel pages for may 17th. I
figured that once it was in, everything would automagically be using it
too (i.e. the drivers wouldn't need to be updated to the new system).
Guess I was a tad naïve about that.
I tried 2.6.17-rc5-mm2 and ran into some BUG()s which went away when I
just stuck to 2.6.17-rc5.

I guess you know that the -mm kernels get everybody's not for
primetime code added to it, so the BUG() you got could have come from

If your comfortable with the process, I would start with 2.6.17-rc6
then get the #upstream patch(upgrade) from libata and compile up a new
kernel.  (Think thousands of lines of modified code.)

If you get any issues with it the lkml-ide devs will jump right on it I suspect.

Greg Freemyer
The Norcross Group
Forensics for the 21st Century

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