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Re: [dm-devel] Hard drives shutting themselves off in RAID mode


Arno Wagner:
If you can test it with reasonable effort and cost (e.g. put some of
them on another PSU), you might want to do that.

Is that safe?

Don't know how safe it is to use different PSU's, but I have done it with success several times on old hardware used for testing. I can't think of any reason you should run into trouble if ground is common, and the disks are powered up first.

Another way could be to use a meter to gauge how much power it drains.

You better use an oscilloscope if anything, as you are looking for very short transients. I have heard (but never tested) that the disks pull large currents when moving the heads, but with seek times of some milliseconds you wouldn't even see it on a regular amperemeter.


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