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[dm-devel] multipath -l displays nothing


I have a Dell PE1850 with a QLA2342 hooked up to a CX600 with 4
paths. The Dell is running Debian Sarge with a custom rolled 2.6.16
kernel. I am using multipath-tools 0.4.7 (compiled from source).

Simply put, my problem is this:

laatikko:~# multipath -l

I'm not going to paste the entire output of multipath -v3 here since
it is 4504 lines long, but here is a clip of what I suspect might be
the problem:

66:128 ownership set to mpath14
sdao: not found in pathvec
sdao: mask = 0xc
sdao: path checker = emc_clariion (controler setting)
sdao: state = 2
sdao: getprio = NULL (internal default)
sdao: prio = 1
68:16 ownership set to mpath14
sdbn: not found in pathvec
sdbn: mask = 0xc
sdbn: path checker = emc_clariion (controler setting)
sdbn: state = 2
sdbn: getprio = NULL (internal default)
sdbn: prio = 1
8:80 ownership set to mpath14
sdf: not found in pathvec
sdf: mask = 0xc
sdf: path checker = emc_clariion (controler setting)
sdf: state = 2
sdf: getprio = NULL (internal default)
sdf: prio = 1
65:144 ownership set to mpath14
sdz: not found in pathvec
sdz: mask = 0xc
sdz: path checker = emc_clariion (controler setting)
sdz: state = 2
sdz: getprio = NULL (internal default)
sdz: prio = 1
mpath14: pgfailback = -2 (config file default)
mpath14: pgpolicy = failover (controler setting)
mpath14: selector = round-robin 0 (controler setting)
mpath14: features = 0 (controler setting)
mpath14: hwhandler = 1 emc (controler setting)
mpath14: rr_weight = 1 (internal default)
mpath14: minio = 1000 (config file default)
mpath14: no_path_retry = NONE (internal default)
mpath14: set ACT_CREATE (map does not exist)
mpath14: set ACT_CREATE (map does not exist)
mpath14: domap (0) failure for create/reload map
         This shouldn't happen, right?

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Jussi Hämäläinen         +358 3 3551 8086   University of Tampere
System administrator     +358 50  5900641   Computer Centre
ccjuha uta fi            TietoPinni  4166   http://www.uta.fi/laitokset/tkk

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