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[dm-devel] [PATCH] dm-striped device sizes must be multiple of chunk-size(Causes Failures)

It looks like dmsetup need to be patched as well.   There is a bug opened
up for dmraid because after this
patch, Fedora 5 installs would not boot with kernel 2.6.16.  There is a
patch to round down the stripe size to be multiple of the chunk-size, but
the computers still fail trying to boot and mount volumes.

After Heinz patched dmraid, it now fixed.  It looks like dmsetup needs to
be patched as well(Or something within device-mapper).  Via_ecfdfiehfa is
not a multiple of chunk-size,   Both dmraid and dmsetup should match.   So
all software raid0 setup with dmraid still fail to boot under 2.6.16+.
Nvidia, Intel and Via chipsets are confirmed impacted, but all the chipsets
which has this software raid0 will have this problem.

 dmraid -s                                                                  
 (Size Looks                                                                
 patched dmraid                                                             
 *** Active Set                                                             
 name   :                                                                   
 size   :                                                                   
 stride : 128                                                               
 type   :                                                                   
 status : ok                                                                
 subsets: 0                                                                 
 devs   : 2                                                                 
 spares : 0                                                                 
 dmsetup -table                                                             
 (Size is bad)                                                              
 2: 0 312287535                                                             
 linear 253:0                                                               
 1: 0 208782                                                                
 linear 253:0                                                               
 : 0 312499998                                                              
 striped 2 128                                                              
 8:0 0 8:16 0                                                               
 Vol01: 0                                                                   
 4063232 linear                                                             
 Vol00: 0                                                                   
 linear 253:2                                                               
 Here is the                                                                
 Fedora Bug                                                                 
 report for                                                                 
 people.   A                                                                
 lot of testing                                                             
 has been                                                                   


The dm-striped target currently does not enforce that the size of a stripe
device be a multiple of the chunk-size. Under certain conditions, this can
lead to I/O requests going off the end of an underlying device. This
test-case shows one example.

echo "0 100 linear /dev/hdb1 0" | dmsetup create linear0
echo "0 100 linear /dev/hdb1 100" | dmsetup create linear1
echo "0 200 striped 2 32 /dev/mapper/linear0 0 /dev/mapper/linear1 0" | \
   dmsetup create stripe0
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/stripe0 bs=1k

This will produce the output:
dd: writing '/dev/mapper/stripe0': Input/output error
97+0 records in
96+0 records out

And in the kernel log will be:
attempt to access beyond end of device
dm-0: rw=0, want=104, limit=100

The patch below will check that the table size is a multiple of the stripe
chunk-size when the table is created, which will prevent the above striped
device from being created.

This should not effect tools like LVM or EVMS, since in all the cases I can

think of, striped devices are always created with the sizes being a
of the chunk-size.

Kevin Corry
kevcorry us ibm com

The size of a stripe device must be a multiple of its chunk-size.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Corry <kevcorry us ibm com>

 dm-stripe.c |    6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

--- diff/drivers/md/dm-stripe.c            2006-03-14 15:57:30.000000000
+++ source/drivers/md/dm-stripe.c          2006-03-14 16:01:41.000000000
@@ -103,6 +103,12 @@
                         return -EINVAL;

+            if (((uint32_t)ti->len) & (chunk_size - 1)) {
+                        ti->error = "dm-stripe: Target length not
divisable by "
+                            "chunk size";
+                        return -EINVAL;
+            }
             width = ti->len;
             if (sector_div(width, stripes)) {
                         ti->error = "dm-stripe: Target length not
divisable by "

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