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Re: [dm-devel] Re: Running open-iscsi with device mapper hangs

Mike Christie wrote:

Erez Zilber wrote:

I'm trying to run open-iscsi with the multipath tool. I was able to create a scenario in which the initiator machine hangs:

My initiator runs on a SLES 10 beta 8 machine. The db contains 2 targets:
iscsiadm -m node
[83347a],1 iqn.2005-12.com.voltaire.206000C0FF07C1D1
[030479],1 iqn.2005-12.com.voltaire.206000C0FF07C1D1

are you using the iscsi initiator in a SLES kernel, a mainline kernel or
svn or a open-iscsi.org tarball?

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I'm using the initiator that comes with the SLES kernel (2.6.16-rc6-git1-4-smp). We applied 3 patches that are located in https://openib.org/svn/gen2/branches/backport/sles10/:

The userspace part is r560.

Do you prefer that I try to run it with a different open-iscsi version?



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