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[dm-devel] rr_min_io does not take effect


I've played around with changing rr_min_io values in multipath.conf on
SLES10 and even after a reboot, it appears the change does not take hold
and the default of 1000 remains unchanged.  Here is the output from
multipath -v3:

(beginning removed)
mpath1: pgfailback = -2 (controler setting)
mpath1: pgpolicy = group_by_prio (controler setting)
mpath1: selector = round-robin 0 (controler setting)
mpath1: features = 1 queue_if_no_path (controler setting)
mpath1: hwhandler = 1 emc (controler setting)
mpath1: rr_weight = 1 (controler setting)
mpath1: minio = 1000 (controler setting)  
mpath1: no_path_retry = 60 (controler setting)
mpath1: set ACT_NOTHING (map unchanged)

I would tend to think that "minio" is the equivalent of rr_min_io, but
cannot be sure.  I am leaning towards this assumption because even after
adjusting rr_min_io to an absurdly high value, I am still seeing I/Os
spread across both paths in under a couple seconds.  Please note that
this was just a test to verify rr_min_io taking effect.

Any idea on how to override the "controler setting"?  FYI, I'm using a
dual-port Emulex LP10000 as my HBA.  I took a look at the Emulex docs
and I don't see any parameters worth throwing in modprobe.conf.

Thanks for looking.

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