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Re: [dm-devel] multipath-tools with STK FLEXLINE 380

Tony Lapointe wrote:
Hi list,

we're trying to get multipath working on a server (which run SLES 10)
connected to a STK FLEXLINE 380 SAN. This SAN has AVT (Auto Volume
Transfer) activated and we have two LUNs exported to the server, which
one on a different preferred path (one on controller A and the other on
controller B).

Since the SAN has AVT activated and that we are using preferred path,
i'm guessing that we have to use group_by_prio policy with the
mpath_prio_tpc callout program.

I can see that mpath_prio_tpc get the right priority :

# mpath_prio_tpc /dev/sda
# mpath_prio_tpc /dev/sdb
# mpath_prio_tpc /dev/sdd
# mpath_prio_tpc /dev/sde

and then if i issue "fdisk -l" on /dev/sda and /dev/sde, each LUN stay
on his preferred controller on the SAN.

The problem is when i start multipath, it will not coalesces the paths

Here's my multipath.conf :

defaults {
        udev_dir        /dev
        polling_interval 10

        path_grouping_policy    group_by_prio
        getuid_callout  "/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/%n"

        prio_callout    "/sbin/mpath_prio_tpc /dev/%n"
        path_checker    tur

        rr_weight       priorities

        failback        immediate

#       user_friendly_names yes

Do not use 'rr_weight=priorities'. The priorities handling is currently buggered; or, put it the other way round, you will need at least my latest fix to get it working. Just remove that line and stay with the defaults. That should work.

And as a sidenote: Using 'group_by_prio' and 'rr_weight=priorities' is completely pointless, even if 'rr_weight=priorities' should be working. 'group_by_prio' will lump all devices with the same priority into one group. And 'rr_weight=priorities' will then modify the 'minio' based on the priority. So you can as well directly modify the 'minio' parameter. 'rr_weight=priorities' only makes sense if you have path with different priorities in one group, ie when using 'multibus' or 'group_by_serial'.


Dr. Hannes Reinecke			hare suse de
SuSE Linux Products GmbH		S390 & zSeries
Maxfeldstraße 5				+49 911 74053 688
90409 Nürnberg				http://www.suse.de

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