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[dm-devel] Where did /dev/dm-X go?

I have been using the dm-crypt interface to perform disk encryption.
For example, I helped add dm-crypt/LUKS support to HAL[1].

Recently, I have found the cryptsetup no longer creates /dev/dm-X.
Instead, the only device node created by the utility is /dev/mapper/Y
(both were created previously.)  I am using an up to date Fedora Core 6.

I am trying to figure out what user-space tool/library was responsible
for creating /dev/dm-X and why this device node is no longer created when
I create a dm-crypt device.  Could anyone point me in the right direction?

The following bugs are related to this lack of /dev/dm-X device nodes
because these programs rely on these nodes to determine a dm-crypt
device's backing device:

Red Hat Bug 216538: Lack of /dev/dm-? breaks hal's encrypted/LUKS volume support
Red Hat Bug 124789: Add encrypted root filesystem support to mkinitrd

[1] http://www.redhat.com/magazine/012oct05/features/hal/



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