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[dm-devel] device mapper integrated loops - and one more year !


Do you think dm could have a loop target instead of seting loops with losetup ?
We allready have dm-crypt for the encryption stage of a "losetup -e <crypt>", dm replaces losetup when source is a device but I understand that we still need losetup if the source is a regular file.
Our problem is that we will need to map a great number of files, as if they were PVs of a VG. Linux kernel can have up to 255 loops but we will reach this limit.

The idea is to embed to loop itself in a device mapper add-on like dm-crypt, so we won't use any /dev/loop* .

Do you think this is stupid or is there some possility out there ?
(we would like to have some advice before starting any project in this direction)

Thank you,
David G.M.

Anniversary of this post, one year ago !

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