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Re: [dm-devel] Failover between two paths to one LU doesn't work onlinux-iscsi

What versions of the tools and kernel are you running? What are your settings for multipath.conf? Is multipathd running? If you run multipath -v2 manually, does it fail the path? Etc.

1. Are there any known problems that can cause fail-over not to happen
in linux-iscsi?

2. Is there any way to get debug information in order to understand more
in-depth what's going on?

man multipath && man multipathd
multipathd -d
multipath -v4

3. How can I know what the timeouts are and how to change them?

Timeouts occur at several levels. Your HBA or iSCSI driver will have (at least) one. Check the documentation for the aspects of software/hardware you're using (kernel module options), dm-multipath docs, etc.

4. If you need more specific information, please write what can help.


I've never done multipath-iscsi, so don't have direct experience. Try posting some more detailed info on your setup and what errors or info messages are occuring.


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