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[dm-devel] New dm filters and patch format for kernel config


Regarding new filters:
dm-delay patch add the filter and its entries for menuconfig and make,
but dm-loop do not.
Let us have a look to the missing diffs for dm-loop <once dm-delay applied> :

--- orig/Makefile       2006-10-11 17:14:46.988454352 +0200
+++ drivers/md/Makefile 2006-10-11 17:15:08.804137864 +0200
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
obj-$(CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM)       += dm-mod.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DM_CRYPT)         += dm-crypt.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DM_DELAY)         += dm-delay.o
+obj-$(CONFIG_DM_LOOP)          += dm-loop.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH)     += dm-multipath.o dm-round-robin.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH_EMC) += dm-emc.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DM_SNAPSHOT)      += dm-snapshot.o

--- orig/Kconfig        2006-10-11 17:14:53.251502224 +0200
+++ drivers/md/Kconfig  2006-10-11 17:15:08.307213408 +0200
@@ -258,5 +258,13 @@

         If unsure, say N.

+config DM_LOOP
+       tristate "Loop target (EXPERIMENTAL)"
+       depends on BLK_DEV_DM && EXPERIMENTAL
+       ---help---
+         A target that replace losetup or mount -o loop
+         If unsure, say N.

I think an other patch format (ed?) to add the Kconfig entries would
be more convenient:
**diffs may not work** on Kconfig or Makefile, depending on what new
filter is already
patched in.
I'll have a look on how to tell the patch util:  "Just add those lines
before the last one" ,
but I'm sure many of you already know :-) hum ?

David G.M.

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