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Re: [dm-devel] Latest dm-userspace kernel code

From: Dan Smith <danms us ibm com>
Subject: [dm-devel] Latest dm-userspace kernel code
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 13:59:06 -0700

> Here is my latest dm-userspace kernel code.  This has a lot of
> cleanups and fixes since the last version.  We have been successfully
> using this version for a while and believe it to be quite stable and
> well-performing.  It is not intended to be in final form, but I think
> it should be close to functionally complete.

Here are some comments:

- I think that you can use kernel threads for map_worker since dmu_map
says that we might reorder I/Os.

- What is the purpose of dmu_request->deps? I guess that it is for
preventing I/O being reordered. if so, again, you don't need to do

- Would be better to move non-transport functions (map_worker,
copy_block, etc) to dm-userspace.c?

- How does the current kernel/user interface support multiple
destination feature?

- Needs some cosmetic fixes (removing needless whitespaces and braces,

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