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[dm-devel] RFC: switch rh_in_sync to blocking in do_reads

I think this was an oversight and the rh_in_sync call should be allowed
to block in do_reads.  Any reason why it is not coded that way?


do_reads happens in the mirror worker thread and operations there are
allowed to block.  The call to rh_in_sync should be allowed to block.

This is especially important for cluster mirroring.  Since the
cluster log must ensure the region is in_sync cluster-wide and
must do network operations to ensure that, it will always return
-EWOULDBLOCK if 0 is given for the blocking argument.  The way
the code is written, a cluster mirror would never be allowed to

Index: linux-2.6.21-rc5-mm4/drivers/md/dm-raid1.c
--- linux-2.6.21-rc5-mm4.orig/drivers/md/dm-raid1.c
+++ linux-2.6.21-rc5-mm4/drivers/md/dm-raid1.c
@@ -741,7 +741,7 @@ static void do_reads(struct mirror_set *
 		 * We can only read balance if the region is in sync.
-		if (rh_in_sync(&ms->rh, region, 0))
+		if (rh_in_sync(&ms->rh, region, 1))
 			m = choose_mirror(ms, bio->bi_sector);
 			m = ms->default_mirror;

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