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Re: [dm-devel] New disk under /dev/mapper control?? [RESOLVED]

> On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 04:29:26PM -0500, Paul Tader wrote:
>>I've added a new, single IDE disk to a system.  I've run though fdisk,
> It does not look "new" to me...
>>mkfs and then attempted a mount command but mount failed with "already
>>mounted or /mnt/ busy".  I see that now device-mapper is "claiming" this
>>disk and newly created partitions and doesn't allow me to mount the
>>partitions by addressing the /dev/hdb1 device file. In other words,
>>/dev/mapper files are being automatically created only for this (new)
>>disk.  Is there a way to have device-mapper relinquish control of this
> it is not device mapper, but dmraid
> i believe your ide disk was 'touched' by a promise fakeraid controller.
> your init scripts probably call dmraid during boot and finding a promise
> fakeraid metadata on the disk dmraid activates it.
>>I've tried removing and clearing the devices with dmsetup, all to no
>> avail.
> you could try removing the fakeraid metadata with dmraid -E.
> if the promise fakeraid adapter is installed in your PC you might have
> to disable fakeraid in the bios first.

Thanks Luca, the dmraid command corrected things.

[root server ~]# dmraid -r
/dev/hdb: pdc, "pdc_bjajcgbifh", stripe, ok, 781422592 sectors, data@ 0
[root server ~]# dmraid -rE
Do you really want to erase "pdc" ondisk metadata on /dev/hdb ? [y/n] :y

...then I ran:

[root server ~]# dmsetup remove /dev/mapper/pdc_bjajcgbifh1
[root server ~]# dmsetup remove /dev/mapper/pdc_bjajcgbifh

and rebooted.  This time the /dev/mapper devices were not recreated and I
was able to mount the partition using the standard device file, /dev/hdb1.

Thanks again,
Paul Tader


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